“It doesn't matter what you create if you have no fun”  


I am an italian visual artist based in Milan.

I conceive the artistic action as a political and community engine, capable of connecting worlds and people.

I don’t come from the academic world and my artistic and work training stems more than anything from the career choices I’ve been able to make in the past 15 years.

First of all I am a photographer and as a photographer I am attracted to the invisible life hidden behind a form, which can be a person, a dog or a tree.
The main instrument in my work has always been photography, initially in the form of a NIKON FM.2 which I carried in my bag everywhere, with its weight and its magic.

I therefore I believe above all that I’m a street photographer.

Over these past 15 years I have built a street photography archive that I use not chronological but instead narrative.
Two of my solo shows, Miracoli all’ordine del giorno (Fotografia Europea 2009) and Anywhere but exactly here (Linke., Milano 2011) are an example of this.

Parallel to the impromptu collection, I have been interested over the years in developing projects which relate to social areas and anthropology research always in pursuit of narrative forms which also meet requirements of beauty, enchantment and wonder.
Becoming Simone is a project which incorporates all these features.  This work has been for me and for my work an important step.
With Becoming Simone book making has become a relevant part of my artistic workflow connected to the practice of self-production and self-promotion that I develop since Anywhere but exactly here - an on demand poster exhibition and that continued with Otium+, Nutbooks and the Post Posters.

Last but relevant are community art projects developed mainly with Francesca Marconi with which I co-founded TUTAMONDO, an artisic collective active in Milan between 2008 and 2013.
Tutamondo’s realized projects with the citizens using the language  and formalisation of contemporary art to stimulate new social mechanisms . OcchixOcchi, Ulysses and Ali are the main examples of our work.

My latast work is Pleasure Rocks, an artstic collaboration with Titta C. Raccagni and Barabara Stimoli on their long term project Pornopetica. Pleasure Rocks is made of an artistc printed matter, a photographic exhibition, performance, sound and workshop.