2019 "Pleasure Rocks", Kinemax Gorizia

2018 "Anywhere but exactly here", Minimum, Palermo

2015 “I love walking by the trees” Art4porn collective exhibition, Le Dictateur gallery, Milan 

2014-2015 “Becoming Simone” Kassel Dummy Awards 2014 (Milan, Athens, Sao Paolo, Colon); Salon für Kunstbuch (Vien), The Italian photobook (MICAMERA, Milan), Fotogaliere (Vien); Zine of the Zone (travelling photobook collection) ; VegaPunk gallery (Milan); Planar gallery (Bari)

2014 “ Milan/Myland” at collective exhibition “Prima Visione”, Belvedere gallery, Milan

         ISSP final exhibition. Exposing “Lost&Found” dummy

2011-2013 “Ulysses, 12 migrants portraits” 12 site specific screeing around 12 store (Milan); Assab One gallery (Milan); Serate Illuminate (Livorno) Cinema del reale Festival (Lecce, Italy)

2012 “ Anywhere, but exactly here” solo exhbition at Linke., Milan 

2012 “Occhixocchi” open air 54 sqm murales, Milan

2009 “Daily miracles” solo exhbition Fotografia Europea (Reggio Emilia, Italy)

2008 “Fotografia artigiana”, solo exhbition Assab One, Milan 

2001 “Mastica e sputa”collective exhibition about the G8 2001 in Genova,, Milano.